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The Importance of Your Reception Chairs

Brides often ask me for my input on a variety of things pertaining to their wedding day.  From the color of their bridesmaid dresses to the types of bowties the groomsmen should wear, I’m always more than happy to give my input on what will look best when it comes to their wedding photos.  Over the years, I’ve found that there are some things that can make a substantial impact on the way a wedding photographs and I wanted to share my top picks for where I think my clients should splurge on their wedding day that will make the most impact in their photos.

Dare I say that, more than anything else, the chairs you choose for your reception space will make the biggest impact in the look and feel of your reception space.  They are not just a practical part of the decor, but they have a HUGE impact on the overall design of your reception space.  They are in every photo of the reception space and can help set the tone for the wedding.  Gold chiavari chairs are classic + elegant – and they are my FAVORITE.  Chiavari chairs come in a variety of colors, like black, white, natural wood, etc. which make them a really versatile choice as well.  Wooden X-back chairs are rustic + charming.  Acrylic ghost chairs are funky + modern.  King Louis chairs are extravagant + posh.  Marais chairs are ultra hip + low key.  Bentwood chairs are whimsical + relaxed.  Versailles chairs are detailed + feminine.  Grace chairs are elegant + modern.  Basic folding chairs are minimal + simple… great for laid back weddings and the ceremony site!  There are just so many options and they really help set the tone for the reception space.  This is definitely a detail that should be chosen carefully and with thoughtfulness!

Imagine any of these spaces with a different type of chair and you will be able to visualize what I’m talking about!  If you want light and airy photos, you should definitely choose light chairs!  If you want something bold + modern, choose something unexpected like a ghost chair!  There are so many chair options out there and, from a photography perspective, they really do make a big impact in your photos and overall design.

PRO TIP: Some venues provide chairs as part of their venue fee.  If you want your wedding to look different than most weddings that are done at that venue, spend the money and rent different chairs!  Since most couples will just go with what’s included, renting different chairs will ensure that your wedding looks different than most other ones there… and it will greatly enhance your chances for getting published, if that’s important to you!  Editors LOVE seeing new ideas and designs!!


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