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Evolution of Lay Flats

January 21, 2019

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One of the things I’ve become “known” for are my styled lay flats.  I’ve been doing them since July 2015, when I stumbled upon this fun way of photographing invitations at Haley + Dillard’s wedding.  I remember the first time I styled this way and it was definitely a EUREKA moment for me!!  Since then, I’ve been refining my process and upping my styling game, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites and take a look back at how much my styled lay flats have evolved…

I made my first styling board in early 2016 and, since then, I’ve used them religiously.  My newer ones are from Heirloom Bindery and I just love them!  They give me a nice, clean background that allows my clients’ details to shine!

Gradually, I started to build my styling kit.  It started with a simple, neutral Mrs Box that I got when they were new on the scene.  I still have this original box too!!

Then, I started to collect small ring dishes and stamps to add to my styling collection…

Soon enough, I was adding in ribbon to these styled photos, and I invested in some new ring box colors, and I loved how it really tied everything together!

Then, in early 2017, I started to style my groom’s details too!  I’d never really done it before, as I usually let my second shooters do it… but I fell in love with it and sometimes do them myself even today!

It’s always my main goal to photograph my clients’ details in a thoughtful and cohesive way.  I bring a styling kit + styling boards with me to EVERY wedding, which helps me supplement the beautiful details my clients bring with coordinating ribbon, stamps, ring boxes, and dishes.  I love the challenge of styling and it really gets my creative juices flowing first thing in the morning on the wedding day.  Seeing everything laid out gives me a good starting point on how to document the rest of the day.  To me, details matter!!

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