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January 2, 2019

2018 was an amazing year for me – both personally and professionally.  After a very challenging 2017, my divorce was finalized in April of this year and I was finally done with that chapter of my life.  I danced out of that courtroom… literally.  I spent most of the year in a long-term relationship with someone I absolutely adored and, although it ended recently, I learned a lot about myself and what I want for my future in that relationship.  Apparently it wasn’t meant to last, but in the process I found myself and my voice this year and, for that, I’m grateful.

2018 was definitely one of my slowest years ever with 34 weddings and 7 elopements total – but that is a-okay with me!  Taking on less weddings in 2018 meant that I had more time and energy to give to my clients, as well as my family + friends.  I can honestly say that I think I am FINALLY figuring out this work-life balance thing!!  Good riddance to the days when I was going 50+ weddings a year.  That was just crazy.

On that note, I have to say thank you to my incredible team because, let’s be honest – I couldn’t do this alone.  Sloan + Kelly… my main squad and dream team… I’m so so lucky to have you guys on my team!!  You guys keep me sane, help with my crazy workload, give me peace of mind, and serve my clients so well.  Thank you hardly seems adequate, but please know that I am so appreciative of everything you do for me – you guys really helped me SO MUCH this year.  You have no idea.  Lindsay, Janie and Leanza… thank you all for assisting me this year, as well.  Having an assistant there with us on the wedding day is a HUGE help and you guys have stepped in whenever I really needed someone!!  To everyone else who second shot with me this year – Emily, Alyona, Molly, Laura, Megan, Anna  – THANK YOU for stepping up and helping me on days when I needed strong, reliable second shooters.  You all are so very talented and I can’t thank you enough for shooting beside me!

A big thank you goes out to my AMAZING editor Emily Moore.  I am SO GRATEFUL that I found you… you’ve been invaluable to me over the past few years and I can’t say thank you enough!!  You’ve given me my life back and I don’t know what I’d do without you.  To my amazing new website designer/guru, Rachael Earl – THANK YOU for all of your help this year.  I’m so glad I found you and I’m looking forward to working together for years to come!!  As always, lots of gratitude goes out to Wanda + Kristin, my fabulous bookkeepers; Elmo, my accountant; Rebecca, my amazing contract lawyer; and the ladies at Align Album Design.  Without their help, seriously… I’d be lost.  This is a team effort here and these people are such a big part of Dana Cubbage Weddings.

This year, I traveled more for weddings and I couldn’t be happier about that.  In 2018, I traveled to Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Savannah GA, Charlotte NC, Cape May NJ, and Southampton, NY!  I also went to NYC for one of my all-time favorite engagement sessions EVER!!!  Traveling so much made the year extremely fun and I hope to travel more and more in the future!  I LOVE destination weddings!!

Notable milestones + highlights from this year include shooting my 249th wedding… I’m almost to 250 in only 6 years of business, so that’s pretty remarkable!!  I had my first online feature on Brides this year, which is super exciting, and I won The Knot’s Best of Weddings award for the 6th year in a row.  This is always such an amazing honor because it’s based on my clients reviews… and serving them well is the most important part of my business.

In 2018, I saw my work featured in print in Charleston Weddings Magazine, Destination I Do Magazine, The Carolinas Magazine (due out this week), Southern Bride, and The Knot: Carolinas Magazine.  I was also featured online on Brides, Carats + Cake, The Knot, The Wedding Row, Style Me Pretty, Rustic Wedding Chic, The Wedding Community, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Coastal Bride.

But every single year, it always comes back to my amazing couples… the ones who allow me to live this dream and trust me to document their wedding day.  I honestly can’t thank my #dcwbrides and #dcwgrooms enough.  Thank you thank you thank you for being so incredibly fabulous.  I love each and every one of you so very much!!!  Here’s a look at all of my fabulous couples from 2018…

Thayer + Josh // January 13, 2018 // Lowndes Grove

Maureen + Richard // January 20, 2018 // Cannon Green

Lauren + Andrew // February 20, 2018 // Gadsden House

Kristin + Rob // March 16, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Nina + Brett // March 17, 2018 // Middleton Place

Lindsey + Andrew // March 23, 2018 // Gadsden House

Erin + Eric // March 25, 2018 // Sea Pines Resort

Kate + Chris // March 31, 2018 // The Beaufort Inn

Holly + Jess // April 7, 2018 // Rice Mill

Caitlin + Joseph // April 13, 2018 // William Aiken House

Olga + Steven // April 25, 2018 // Magnolia Plantation

Mason + Alex // April 28, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Erin + Steve // May 12, 2018 // The Ocean Course at Kiawah

Caroline + Zach // May 13, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Courtney + TJ // May 18, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Olivia + Sam // May 27, 2018 // Magnolia Plantation

Dana + Paul // June 2, 2018 // Stone Harbor Golf Club

Stacy + Britt // June 9, 2018 // Gadsden House

Bethany + Noah // June 14, 2018 // Sea Pines Resor

Erin + Andrew // June 16, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Katelin + Rene // June 21, 2018 // White Point Gardens

Lizzie + Chris // July 14, 2018 // Sea Pines Resort

Hillary + Bill // August 2, 2018 // Magnolia Plantation

Cara + Aaron // August 11, 2018 // Gadsden House

Whitney + Blake // August 18, 2018 // Lowndes Grove

Madison + Paul // August 25, 2018 // Cedar Room

Emily + Robby // August 26, 2018 // Cannon Green

Kristin + Jake // September 8, 2018 // Sebonack Golf Club

Logan + James // September 15, 2018 // Myers Park Country Club

Jacqueline + Matthew // September 21, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Katie + Michael // September 22, 2018 // Charleston Harbor Resort

Kelsey + Nick // September 29, 2018 // Gadsden House

Caroline + Don // October 10, 2018 // Magnolia Plantation

Annie + Matt // October 13, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Kelly + Jeff // October 20, 2018 // Gadsden House

Aly + Dan // November 3, 2018 // Hotel Bennett

Mindy + Matt // November 9, 2018 // Lowndes Grove

Lindsay + Adam // November 12, 2018 // Boone Hall Plantation

Kristine + Ryan // November 19, 2018 // Middleton Place

Lauren + Patrick // December 15, 2018 // Plantation Club at the Landings

Kristin + Jay // December 29, 2018 // Lowndes Grove

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