Personal Floral Delivery On Your Wedding Day And How It Impacts Bride + Groom Detail Photos

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February 10, 2020

One of the best ways to create a cohesive color story throughout all of your wedding day photos is through your florals.  Your florals will make an appearance in pretty much every photo on your wedding day – from your bridal portrait, to your bride + groom portraits, to your bridal party portraits, to your reception detail photos.  Florals tie everything together visually because they play such a prominent role in all of your wedding photos.  For this reason, I really love incorporating florals in your styled bridal detail shots at the beginning of the day because it allows me to tell a cohesive story from start to finish.

Styled Wedding Invitation Suite with Flowers

In order for me to take those gorgeous styled detail images with florals in them, I need your personal florals to be delivered wherever you are getting ready by the time I am scheduled to arrive in the morning.  To be safe, you should tell your florist to deliver them 30 minutes before I’m scheduled to start shooting – just in case delivery is delayed for some reason.  When I arrive on your wedding day, I typically get right to work on your styled bridal detail shots because they do take a while to style + shoot – so having your florals available for me to incorporate from the very beginning is really important.  If they aren’t on-site when I arrive, it’s okay – but just know that they simply won’t be incorporated into some of those detail shots because I can’t waste any precious time in the morning.  I have a limited amount of time to style your details on your wedding day and it is definitely a time consuming process… so waiting on flowers to arrive isn’t ideal.  I don’t want to rush through styling and I also don’t want to get off-track in terms of the timeline either.  If your florals are there early, that’s definitely the best situation for everyone!

Every once in a while, a florist may push back on floral delivery.  Most of the time, they are worried that the flowers may wilt or perish if they are delivered too early.  Rest assured that I take great care with your florals!  I work quickly, shoot efficiently, and always return the florals to their vases as soon as I am done with whatever shot I am working on.  If I’m shooting details outside, we keep the florals inside in the AC until needed.  Then I shoot quickly and return them to the AC.  We always shoot in the shade, so your florals will NEVER sit in the sun.  I am very careful, trust me.  So even if you get some push back, you can reassure them that they will be okay and that you really want them for your detail photos… if it’s important to you!  If you don’t really care, that’s fine too!

If your florals aren’t there upon my arrival, it’s okay – don’t stress – I’ll just shoot everything without florals.  But most brides LOVE those styled detail photos with florals – so if those images are important to you, PLEASE work with your florist beforehand to ensure that they arrive early in the morning for me to use!  PRO TIP:  if your florist isn’t scheduled to deliver the reception florals until later in the day, which is totally normal, simply ask them to drop off just the “personal florals” early.  I really only need the bride’s bouquet and the boutonnieres for the styled detail photos, but they can also drop off the bridesmaid bouquets + all family personals, if it’s easier.  My team + I will make sure they get where they need to go – and we will also take good care of them so they don’t wilt!  I promise!  I’ve photographed almost 300 weddings and I’ve never had any issue.

BONUS TIP: most florists are happy to provide styling blooms for photographers to use in their detail shots, so if this is something your florist offers – PLEASE ASK FOR STYLING BLOOMS!!  Styling blooms are simply extra loose flowers and greenery that I can use to style with.  Florists will usually drop off a vase of extra flowers + greenery along with your bouquet and boutonnieres and it makes SUCH a difference in the types of images I can style + create for you!  Having an abundance of styling blooms allows your photographer to create gorgeous images like the ones you see in this post.  It’s something I LOVE doing because it’s a really easy way to make your detail images stand out, PLUS it will help tie everything together.  And it gets me warmed up creatively for the rest of your wedding day!

If you have any questions or concerns about floral delivery timelines, please reach out to your photographer.  Every photographer works differently, but I personally like to have florals on hand first thing in the morning when I arrive so that I can create these beautiful images that help to tell the style and color story of your wedding day!

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