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October 1, 2018

When I started my business over 6 years ago, I knew blogging was going to be a huge part of my business.  Partly because I LOVE to write, but also because I think blogging consistently is a great way to educate clients and showcase my most recent work.  It also helps me stay on top of things, because I have deadlines to meet in order to produce consistent content for the blog.  It helps me maintain a quick turnaround for my clients, which is a win-win for everyone!

From the very beginning, I decided that I was going to blog every single wedding I photographed and, for me, it’s been a really great decision.  I don’t judge anyone for blogging selectively or not blogging at all… but I thought I’d share my thoughts on why I personally blog every single wedding.

A lot of photographers don’t blog at all.  I totally understand why – blogging is a LOT of work!  And some photographers will only blog their “best” weddings or weddings that match their brand or style.  I can kind of understand their reasoning for this, but I didn’t want to go that route for a few reasons.

First and foremost, I believe that every wedding is worth sharing.  Not just the pretty ones.  Not just the ones that match my brand aesthetic.  Not just the $50k+ weddings or the weddings that took place at certain venues.  Every. Single. Wedding.  The main reason I do this is the negative message it sends to clients when you only share certain weddings with the world.  I am an empath, so I think about how I’d feel if I were a client and my photographer didn’t share my wedding on their blog.  I’d be crushed!  I never want any couple to feel “less than” or that their wedding wasn’t “good enough” to share.  At the end of the day, it’s my job as a wedding photographer to make their day look beautiful – no matter if it was a $20,000 wedding or a $150,000 wedding.  Whether their wedding decor was over the top or minimal.  Whether their venue was pretty or not.  Whether they had plenty of details or not so many details.  Whether Mother Nature cooperated and gave us ideal lighting conditions or not.  It’s my job to tell a story and to make their day look as beautiful as possible.  Each and every client pays me the same amount of money to cover their wedding day, so they should all get the same experience.  And that experience includes a curated blog post of their wedding day!

It is my responsibility to shoot every wedding to the best of my ability and create images that I’m proud of, no matter the style or budget, so that I can feature every single wedding on my blog.  Therefore, blogging every wedding keeps me honest and pushes me to always create images that look amazing, no matter the situation.  Because let’s be realistic – not every wedding is over-the-top gorgeous and not every couple has an unlimited budget.  I don’t ever want clients to think that they have to look a certain way or have a wedding that looks a certain way in order to work with me.

Blogging every single wedding also allows me to share ALL of my updated work with the world on a consistent basis.  Sure, Facebook + Instagram are great… but blogging allows me to share so much more of the story and showcase how I shoot an ENTIRE wedding day.  From details to getting ready to portraits to the reception – and everything in between.  It allows potential clients to see so much more of my work and gives them a realistic expectation of what they can expect on their own wedding day.  And since I only update my website galleries once or twice a year, my blog is really the best place for people to see my most recent work.

By consistently blogging every wedding for the past 6 years, my clients now look forward to their very own blog post!  Seeing their wedding on my blog a week(ish) after their wedding day is part of the experience and they anxiously wait for it to go live!  It keeps me on top of my deadlines and allows me to get the final images back to my clients in a timely manner.  Blogging has just become such a huge part of my business and I honestly don’t think my business would have grown the way it has without my blog.  At the heart of it all, I truly believe that every wedding deserves it’s time in the spotlight.  My couples spend a lot of time and money planning their wedding day.  My fellow vendors all put a ton of effort into creating something amazing for our clients and my photos document and showcase their work.  So no matter how big or how small their budget is, no matter how “pretty” the wedding is, no matter how many details there are, and no matter what the weather was like… you’ll see every single wedding on my blog.  And I can’t imagine doing it any other way!

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  1. Anne says:

    I love your thoughts on this topic. As a fellow empath (hi!) and a newly married woman, I was heartbroken when my destination elopement wasn’t even mentioned on my wedding photographer’s blog. Although this photographer had an amazing portfolio (I know she has the skills!) and traveled a great distance to capture our special day, when I received our images I was letdown by the quality. My husband and I were nervous in front of the camera and we were given no guidance posing help whatsoever, and the times our photographer did speak with us or her assistant/husband, I felt like she was in a bad mood and had better places to be. Our wedding was intimate and meaningful to us, and by her not acknowledging that on her blog made me think, “it was not good enough!” and judging by her holding back on sharing it to her site, she must have thought the same.

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